top left: Libertia lightens up a group of aeonium and other succulents in a low maintenance border, Ashbury Heights.

top right: Lavandula floats over Baccharis, both drought tolerant and impervious to deer, Burlingame.

above: a collection of wildflowers gets a spash of purple confetti, courtesy of Verbena bonariensis, Napa.

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works in progress
natural style gardens are delightfully incomplete... always in flux, changing throughout the years, seasons, and time of day. What does stay consistent is a sense of discovery, elliciting feelings that tend toward joy. With each of the examples below, I provide a link to a description the setting, the challenges, and some details of how each garden evolved.

Ashbury Heights
beautifying a parking strip with a low maintenance, low water garden, click on the pic below to see more.

giving a suburban style planting a modern and deer proof update, click on the pic below to see more.

Duboce Park- silver
a streetside garden celebrates silver foliage while playing with color, click on the pic to see more.

Duboce Park- San Francisco Cottage
a gardening laboratory in the heart of San Francisco (more pictures and details coming)

a hill of gravel transforms into a slice of nature, click on the pic below to see more. (photo credit: Jeff Herwatt)

New Hampshire
something old, something new, something borrowed, something see-through, details coming.

a ninety-nine percent native backyard in Oakland. (photo credit Chris Hanzo)

Green Festival
making a flowery meadow, inside a former livestock warehouse.

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