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getting started
'on paper' to 'in ground'

As a designer with literal hands-on experience in breaking ground, hauling amendments, placing rock, laying out irrigation, siting plants, etc., I use that knowledge to efficiently and sensibly execute your project. Too often there are gaps, in knowledge and experience, between designs on paper and the where, which and how plants are put in the earth.

I install my own designs (sometimes with a very competent Sonoma crew) to make sure everything's done correctly. I also offer second opinions and evaluations on other's designs, learn more on my consulting page.


site prep
well grounded

While each site is different, sometimes the soil needs improvement for existing or intended plantings. Depending on the condition of the soil, I may suggest adding something to improve drainage in clay soil or enrich poor soil. Since nature does not like bare earth, I will suggest ways cover it, and in doing so keep out weeds, regulate soil temperature, and conserve water.


watering wisely

I have been installing and repairing the simpler irrigation problems for twenty plus years. I also evaluate exisitng systems to see where we can make improvements. Sometimes I suggest doing away with automated watering altogether.

As we continue to garden in drought conditions, conserving water is more important that ever, and a mark of good stewardship.