top left: gently elegant, as well as edible, Petroselinum crispum, better known as Italian parsley, makes a great garden addition, Duboce Park. right: a hazy Autumn morning in a yard composed of layers, inviting immersion, Duboce Park.

above: Penstemon heterophyllus complements a lively mix of warm hued flowers, all of which require little in the way of water or special attention, Glen Park. 

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getting another opinion...  
your environment is an investment... an investment that is alive and changing, as is the environment we all share. Keep those changes intentional and informed, by getting another perspective. Besides the importance of saving water during this historic drought, updating your garden from time to time will keep it fresh and a place you'll want to explore.

garden and design evaluation 
a garden is never done... since it indeed is a living thing, a garden is never truly done. though sometimes simply not done well. The unique setting of the Bay Area combined with the availability of water indulged an 'anything grows' attitude that we now find unsustainable. Thankfully more of us are rethinking our gardens.

But gardens are a sum of moving parts- nurseries, designers, maintainence, plant choices, irrigation- that are adapting at different paces. As someone with working knowledge in all those areas, I can apply a deep subjectivity to your existing garden or to plans for a future garden. I can work with you to guide your or someone else's ideas into a garden that not only looks good but works well.

In the coming weeks I'll get into more detail about myself, my ethics and aesthetics. Until then, feel free to contact me with any questions.

Dean Ouellette   415-820-1623