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September 2021

We're gonna work backwards. I have years of journal entries from my old website, and some still in the picture sorting stage, so while that goes on during my 'free time', I'll catch you up on this this year.

That picture at the top could be from the tail end of lovely 2020, that's when I started moving plants over from Sebastopol, but since the previous two years pretty mushed together, we'll call it 2021. That could be the last photo of Buster (rip), my '85 Toyota. I finally pulled its tag in April on the advice of my mechanic.


Summer 2021

I'm writing this during that saddest slice of September: after Labor Day and before Solstice, when I look at all the Summer promises I failed to keep and I start to wallow in self pity before the sunflowers snap me back to happy. These pics were from July. I let my artichokes go to flower (and to seed) because, look at that color, and next to it is a glimpse of the office at West Dixter.

I should explain, West Dixter is not an undiscovered hamlet waiting to be gentrified, it's what I call my growing grounds and demonstration garden, and you can read about my visit to its namesake here. 2021 is Chrisopher Lloyd's centenary.




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